What is the difference between a vertical roller grinding mill and a micro powder grinding mill?
The mill equipment has a long history, the mill is accompanied by the development of The Times, its kind more and more, the use range is also more and more widespread. I think they are useful for the battle between high pressure mill and vertical roller mill. observers believe that at present our country is most used in mill industry vertical roller mill, because the vertical roller mill can achieve precision grinding, production is bigger, be the first choice of the demand for enterprise. At the same time, the high pressure pulverizer is the main product of the mill because of its energy saving and environmental protection. The market prospect is promising.

High pressure pulverizer is mainly used for high pressure powder mill and high pressure roller mill. The emergence of high pressure micro pulverizer solves the problem of high cost of airflow grinding and is more widely used than airflow mill. Under the same conditions, the system energy consumption of the high pressure micro pulverizer system is only one third of the airflow mill, and the price is only 1/8 of the air mill. Due to the energy saving, small investment and high yield characteristics, the high pressure micro pulverized powder pulverizing machine has become more and more popular with customers.

High-pressure suspension according to flour vendors would roll grinder is modified based on the traditional flour mill, the normal operation of mill equipment increased under the condition of high pressure spring, improves the grinding fineness, more to improve the grinding efficiency, and high pressure roller mill powder mechanical and electrical consumption is low, cover an area of an area small, one-time less investment, more and more get the welcome of the customers. According to the experience of mill flour mill in Shanghai, the vertical roller mill is not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. High pressure pulverizer can fill this gap, and the characteristics of energy-saving and environmental protection of high pressure pulverizer are in line with the current low carbon environmental protection