What kind of raw materials is suitable for Raymond mill ?
For the production process of Raymond Mill, no matter which type of mill is selected in the production, it must ensure its reasonable material feeding property. Otherwise, it will increase the difficulty of production and cause the efficiency to drop, even the damage, aging, etc. For the equipment, then what kind of materials can be processed for the machine?

First of all, Raymond mill can process materials with Mohs hardness below seven, humidity below 6%, and is non-flammable and explosive ore. In addition, the required feed size is between 20-30 mm. It can be seen that the hardness of the material that can be processed by the machine can not be greater than 7, and can not be greater than 6%, and it is non-flammable and explosive. In addition, the feed size can not be greater than 30 mm, not less than 20 mm, to meet these requirements. The raw materials can be processed using a Raymond mill, otherwise the machine cannot be processed.

For example, if the hardness of the material added to the interior of the Raymond mill is greater than 7, then the difficulty of grinding increases during processing, which not only causes a decrease in efficiency, but also causes an increase in wear of internal parts, and if humidity If it is more than 6%, then inside the machine, the materials will stick together, which will cause blockage. This is also an important reason for the decline of equipment efficiency. Similarly, materials that do not meet other requirements are added to Raymond mill. Internally, it will also cause changes in production results, which is why the nature of the feed is better than the requirements of the mill.

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