HRM vertical roller grinding mill wear resistance parts

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PriceUS $2799-2859 / ton
Min. Order 1 ton
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Update Time 2019-11-07
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MaterialHigh chromium cast iron
Applicationultra-fine powder Grinding mill
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HRM vertical roller grinding mill wear resistance parts 




Material: High chromium cast iron


Application: Widely used in metallurgy, electric power, cement, chemical, ceramics, non-metallic minerals, power plant desulfurization, water slag, slag, slag, coal, cement clinker, glass, quartz, limestone and other industries for large-scale material grinding and ultra-fine powder Grinding.

Advantages of HRM vertical roller grinding mill wear resistance parts 


01 High hardness, grinding a variety of materials

High hardness, Rockwell hardness (HRC) up to 65 degrees, can grind pyrophyllite, calcite, limestone, quartz, gypsum, slag and other materials.



02 Anti-cracking, wear-resistant, overload

It adopts high-chromium cast iron grinding material and exquisite metal casting technology. It has good size and crack resistance, good wear resistance and strong load bearing capacity. It has no cracking for 20 years.



03 Factory price sales, cost-effective

We promised a price of 3,000 yuan per ton than the original or original offer!



04 High-level production

After the factory has passed 17 professional inspections, the quality inspection system is strictly implemented, and the output is high.

Parameter of HRM vertical roller grinding mill wear resistance parts 


HRM Vertical Roller Mill Roller Shells


HRM080Roller Tire6502101902-3360-540>65
Table Liner  536306>65
HRM1100Roller Tire9002804982-3960-1440>65
Table Liner  966558>65
HRM1200Roller Tire100032065321264>65
Table Liner  1058824>65
HRM1250Roller Tire1000320653  >65
Table Liner  102  >65
HRM1300Roller Tire1100(1130)36083521600>65
Table Liner  13781072>65
HRM1350Roller Tire1100360835  >65
Table Liner  137  >65
HRM1550Roller Tire125042011703 >65
Table Liner  2458 >65
HRM1700Roller Tire1400450191023820>65
Table Liner  36262115>65
HRM1750Roller Tire140047016753 >65
Table Liner  3388 >65
HRM1900Roller Tire1500480252524920>65
Table Liner  37582880>65
HRM1950Roller Tire150048024003 >65
Table Liner  3738 >65


LM Vertical Roller Mill Roller Shells


LM110MRoller Tire9503205212 >65
Table Liner  1048 >65
LUM1232Roller Tire9503105753 >65
Table Liner  2086 >65
LM130MRoller Tire11003607682 >65
Table Liner  1338 >65
LM130NRoller Tire1100330   >65
Table Liner     >65
LM150KRoller Tire13004001360  >65
Table Liner     >65
LM150KRoller Tire130040012472 >65
Table Liner  2148 >65
LM150NRoller Tire130037012802 >65
Table Liner  2148 >65
LM170KRoller Tire140045016102 >65
Table Liner  2638 >65
LM190MRoller Tire150048021502 >65
Table Liner  3558 >65
LM220KRoller Tire190065050492 >65
Table Liner  7809 >65
LM220MRoller Tire170056032182 >65
Table Liner  5818 >65
LM240MRoller Tire     >65
Table Liner  652  >65


ZGM Vertical Roller Mill Roller Shells


ZGM80GRoller Tire1340445   >65
Table Liner      
ZGM80GJRoller Tire13404451278/1290  >65
Table Liner      
ZGM80KRoller Tire     >65
Table Liner      
ZGM95GRoller Tire1575525   >65
Table Liner      
ZGM95GJRoller Tire15755251998/1987  >65
Table Liner      
ZGM95KRoller Tire     >65
Table Liner      
ZGM95KJRoller Tire     >65
Table Liner      
ZGM95NRoller Tire14804901567  >65
Table Liner      
ZGM95NJRoller Tire     >65
Table Liner      
ZGM95KNRoller Tire1480570   >65
Table Liner      
ZGM113GRoller Tire18506153082  >65
Table Liner      
ZGM113GJRoller Tire18506153340  >65
Table Liner      


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